Website Forms

Do you need a faculty, department or student organization website? Or would you need other requests? Fill out the appropriate website form and it'll be routed to the Web and Campus Team.

Campus Wide Digital Sign Request


Faculty Website

Only for faculty use

Google Analytics

Website tracking for department or organizational websites only

HTML Access

Given to users who demonstrate avid HTML skills and all Student Organization users

OU Campus Access

Granted access for users who will be editing a website; option to add an approver

Request A Blog

For department or organizational use. Email, Full and SJSUOne ID is needed.

Short URL

Long URL? Request a Short URL and we will shorten the link

Student Organization Website

Only for approved Student Organizations; with sjsu domain; custom files needed

URL Redirect

Have a old URL and want to route it to new URL? 

Website Launch

Once finished with your website, submit this form and we'll make your website live!

Website Problem

Report a website problem 

Website OU Campus Request

Departments and Organizational request only; with SJSU domain

Other Requests

Submit a request ticket to iSupport or email