Digital Signs

Digital Signage allows users to dynamically display and manage content on designated screens across SJSU buildings and offices, offering new ways to brand and showcase programs, events, announcements and activities.

Industry Weapon is the application used to upload, schedule and manage content for one or multiple screens. 

There are over 100 Digital Signs throughout SJSU buildings and offices. Digital Signs are assigned to SJSU affiliated departments in high-traffic areas. 

Available For

  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Content Integration: Powerpoint, Social Media, RSS feeds and other applications
  • Customize content and format
  • Content scheduling and management
  • Network monitoring
  • Multi-user access


  • Budget approval for Digital Signage
  • TV and mounting bracket (purchased by the customer)
  • Digital signage location requires: American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, Fire Marshal approval and available power and network


The cost will be determined depending on location, display size and other variables

Requesting Service