Video Conferencing

Division Video Conferencing Service provides high-quality, professional-grade video conferencing (VC) for Next-Generation Classrooms, conference rooms, mobile presentation units and desktops using Cisco TelePresence technology and other equipment. The service is internal and is used in VC-enabled locations through the campus.

Available For

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Video Conferencing/Calling - Video conferencing or calling is available at VC-enabled locations based on the Cisco Telepresence equipment includes: 
  • Next-Generation Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Mobile Presentation Units 
  • Desktop Units
  • Presentation Sharing - You can share content from your laptop or desktop computer with both local and remote participants
  • Connecting to Zoom - You and any external participants can expand the capability of video conferencing by joining a Zoom conference using standard video conferencing equipment


The only requirement for the Video Conferencing Service is for users to schedule access to a Next-Generation Classroom, or request access to a Cisco TelePresence VC Mobile Unit deployed in several approved Colleges and administration offices on campus.


The Video Conferencing Service is a State-funded service and is offered at no additional cost for general-funded activities.

Requests to enable new locations for this service may require additional costs for design and installation.

Requesting Service & Support

Video Conferencing is available at any video conferencing-enabled location. If you do not have access to a VC-enabled location and want your locations to be enabled with this service, submit a ticket request with the location and the desired timeline for service enablement.